Robots.txt Generator for WordPress and Blogger

In this and upcoming period of time, it will be necessary to have an online presence whether through blogs and websites. But only having a website will not allow you to spread your business or service to other people. You need to index your site and reach the top of search results in your particular keywords to reach the audience you want to.

For that to happen, you need to index your site in "Google Search Console" and submit xml sitemap as well as upload robots.txt in your website root in WordPress; and in Blogger, you need to add robots.txt in the "Settings" menu.

From here, you can generate a robots.txt text for your Blogger and WordPress site free of cost and upload it to your root directory.

Generate robots.txt

Enter your website's URL and select the platform in which your website or your blog is hosted. After that press "Generate". You can copy the generated code by clicking on "copy to clipboard". Now paste this code on root directory/robots.txt settings of your website. After that submit the sitemap code to Google Search Console.