So, you are curious about the writer of this blog. Well, I am Rahul Sharma, a middle class boy from India. My enthusiasm towards technology and content writing helped me to create this blog. Know more about me by reading the following article in this page.


About - The Kingdom Of Knowledge
Hi! I am Rahul Sharma.

My name is Rahul Sharma. I started this blog on February 21, 2021. My dream is to get success in blogging and become a billionaire. First I started blogging by watching YouTube videos and started implementing the methods shown by so called successful bloggers on YouTube. But no method worked for me. Later I discovered my own methods to rank on search engines and get traffic. I implemented the strategies on different blogs and they showed me results. This is one of my test blog.


My main motive of creating this blog is to change the stereotype old class blogging strategies with the new one that I discovered. I write about blogging, digital marketing, technology, biographies and tips and tricks.

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