What Is DIGILOCKER (Digital Locker)? Benefits Of DIGILOCKER?

As we know it is very important to keep our documents secure. At times, we need these documents urgently but cannot find them or have no time to find them. In earlier times if you lost a document means you have to stay in line for hours to re-issue that document but nowadays there is an authentic government run service available which can secure your documents and you don't even need to worry about loosing them.

What Is DIGILOCKER (Digital Locker) Benefits Of DIGILOCKER

Friend, in this article I will tell you how you can upload documents, scan documents and digitally sign documents; but before that I should mention in detail about the so-called DIGILOCKER :


Digilocker is a government service which main objective is to finish the usage of physical documents and to use more online documents that's why it basically deals with e-documents (electronic documents) and sharing of e-documents.

You can upload your e-documents and also use features such as e-signing. And you can also share and use these e-signed documents in governments works and offices.


  • Create user ID.
  • First of all visit https://digitallocker.gov.in/ or download "digilocker" app from google play store. If you are downloading it, them you should download it from google play store because in digilocker you are going to store your important documents and you don't want any third party to interfere/temper with your documents.
  • In the first screen, click "SIGN UP". It will give you two options :


  • Follow the instructions and enter your AADHAR number. You will receive an OPT in registered mobile number.
  • Click on "use OTP" and then click on Validate OTP".
  • You will get option for username and password. Now enter your desired username and password which you will use later for signing in.


  • You can only use this option if you are doing this process in android phone or your computer have fingerprint sensor (in-built or attached) to it.
  • Next, select device for fingerprint scanning.
  • Check on declaration box and place your finger on biometric device.
  • You will get option for username and password. Here, set your desired username and password which you will use for future sign-ins.


  • First open DIGILOCKER application on your phone or access https://digilocker.gov.in.
  • On top of webpage click on sign-in.
  • Here you can sign-in through three methods :
  1. Aadhar number and the OTP
  2. Username and Password
  3. Facebook ID validation
  • If you selected Aadhar and OTP, then you will get an OTP (One Time Password). Enter OTP in giver space and click on verify OTP.


  • After signing-in, you will be shown a screen. Click on upload/uploaded documents.
  • Select files from your device (whether from computer or smartphone) and click open.
  • Select file location, here you can select more than one file(s) and upload them all at once. Uploaded documents will show under UPLOADED DOCUMENTS section.
  • After that, select documents types and click on save button.


  • E-sign option will show under every document you have uploaded. To e-sign any document select here.
  • You will get an OTP. Enter the OTP in the given space and then click on e-sign button.


  • Share button is available under every document you have uploaded. But sharing feature has a certain limitation. You  can only share one document at one time.
  • Enter e-mail id of receiver to send the document.

So friend, this is how you can digitally your documents. Whenever you need your documents you can get them and also share them. You don't need to waste your time on finding the physical copy. But physical document is also important, so don't throw the physical copy just because you have digital documents.

The reason why I recommended this app (DIGILOCKER - Digital Locker) is because it is directly under control of Indian Government. You don't need to worry about 3rd parties knowing your personal details.

If you don't use DIGILOCKER then it is your chance to try it and evaluate whether this can be helpful or not.

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